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2018 Camanche Lake Fishing Map, Fishing Report, Hunting Clubs, private fishing nearby

2018 Camanche Lake Fishing Map and 2016 fishing Report, How to fish Comanche, and info on Hunting Clubs nearby

Fishing Reports

Lake Camanche is about 70% full and full of trout, which are planted each week all the way through April (with as much as 3,500 lbs per batch!). There are 10% trophy trouts (5-12 lbs). TRollers that pull jigs are loading up on crappie and black bass chasers are finding non-stop action for spotted bass.

 One angler set a new record for five spotted bass at 27.6 pounds. Bass fishing remains solid at depths from 20 to 30 feet while crapper were taking Speedy Shiners at depths from 10 to 70 feet. Both North Shore and South Shore launch ramps are in the water, and the North Shore Marina has the gas docks open. Hungry fisherman can even grab breakfast and lunch at the café. The lake is currently at 69%. 

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About Camanche Lake

Nestled in the midst of the Mother  Lode waters, Lake Camanche gets a lot of pressure  this time of year. Fishermen are frequent users, and  some old-timers avow that Camanche’s catch rate is more  consistent than any of the other Mother bode fishing holes.  Whether or not that’s true, Camanche anglers do catch a lot of  fish almost year-round, and its other recreational opportunities make it a favorite spot for everyone in the family. 
As at Amador and Pardee, a high percentage of the  sportsmen who hit the lake are out after bass. The best time of  year for this is late spring and early summer.  After spawning, the largemouth are   the magic depth right now is between 12 to 20  feet, but as the water gets hot the bass will move  deeper, and there’ll be a big population in July and August  that will go down to 25 to 45 feet.
Generally 10 percent of the whole population will stay in the top 15 feet of water, another 10 percent will go  very deep, and the remaining 80 percent will move from  shallow to deep water depending on lake temperatures. 
The best bait, all through the day, even though it may be a  dud for two or three hours, are plastic worms and leadhead  jigs.  Good choices in plastics are red worms with a  black bloodline or two or three crawdad-pattern worms.  Another favorite at this lake is the Bobby Garland spider jig, the smoke sparkle is a good 
As late as June anglers are taking home trout  too,  mainly from 35 to 40 feet of water. Some use  downriggers and some use leadcore line that ranges from 10-  to 18-pound test.
 In late Spring, drop leadcore line five to eight colors, our source suggested. Most fishermen working with  downriggers prefer to use monofilament line.  Trout may go even deeper later in the season,   fishermen work a myriad of baits and lures but that a few  “major” models are usually reliable. 
The red patterns seem to be the best here—either red and  silver or red and white,  Krocodiles, Nee- dlefish, Triple Teazers and Kastmasters all get the nod.  Nightcrawlers either drifted or trolled “are  always good.
 Don‘t use any more weight than you have to to  get to the desired depth.  Most of the take trolling is rainbows, though a few German browns call Camanche home.
   The first salmon went in about 1982, and  from the initial stock now can weigh as  much as 4 to 6 pounds. “Tons” of hluegills fin these waters too, and make for great first-time fishing for kids and other novices.
 Crappie fishing is depends on finding a school, you can count on catching several respectably-sized  panfish. Mini Jigs and minnows fished in the deeper coves with cover or rocky shoreline should tempt a few fish if you  happen upon a school

Summertime anglers should have no problem honing in on a productive catfish bite. The marina source said catfishing  “has been teal strong, and there should be a good bite right on  through” the summer.  “Most of the fish coming in now are channel cats averaging  a pretty good size, " he added. “If you had 10 cats, they would  probably range from 2 to 8 pounds."  Channel cats are the most populous species, but white cats  also figure heavily in the creel,  a few blues also take a variety  of live and stinkbaits at Camanche, and range up to 14 or 15  pounds.  Best at night, with activity centered in the creek channel and coves, and off the dikes and spillway in the main body. Areas such as Rabbit Creek and China Cove are popular.
Fishing for the  cats from the banks as in boats and that both methods are  equally good. Along with other species, catfish will move deeper during the hottest season.

As is true with any lake fishing, facilities make a big difference. And South Camanche Shore and Camanche  Northshore Resort do a good job of taking care of just about  everything a fisherman could ask for. 

A huge park, with water slides, game rooms,  horseback riding, a separate swimming lake, water skiing and  tennis courts. South Camanche has a full-service marina with boat rentals, slip rentals, gas, a complete grocery store with a full line of bait and tackle, a service station and hundreds of fixed  campsites, hook-ups and ample overflow areas.
Lake Camanche Size: Camanche has between 55 and 60 miles of shoreline, depending on water level, and approximately 7,600 surface acres. The lake is lower than normal this season, but has plenty of water.

Species: Rainbow trout, king salmon, crappie,  bluegill, largemouth bass, white cats, channel cats, blue cats, and a few kokanee.  Camping: South Camanche Shore has over 500 fixed campsites with tables and barbecues and, with the addition of 100 new hook-up sites, a total of 300 hook-up spots.
A large overflow area with water and portable toilets serves self-contained campers. Hook-  up sites can be reserved, but both fixed  campsites and hook-up spaces are available  on a first-come, first-served basis.  Camanche Northshore has 400 RV and tent  _sites and housekeeping cottages.  Facilities: Resorts have full-service marinas, fish cleaning stations, gas stations, swimming areas, boat launching and rentals,  boat storage, bait and tackle, grocery stores,  snack bars, tennis courts, horseback riding  and tour rides of nearby gold county and  Wild West settings

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